Do You Know How Many People Show Up At Tucson Ac Repair

you can already see some new ac unit Tucson debris down in there okay now my washers I believe are still down in here um we’ll get a look at those in a second but let’s let’s get this out I want to show you what I’m looking at here which really leads me to believe that this bearing is definitely bad see all that junk and debris that says to me pretty much that bearing probably toast there’s.

one more step that we need to take and right in there you can sort of see the outside of our snap ring so we need a pair of snap ring pliers to finish the work here and we need to open it up so we need we need to have our snap ring or set of snap ring pliers that open rather than pinched closed so we wanted them to open in order to remove the snap ring so we can get this off of here I have a universal set of snap link pliers here that work pretty well our jobs like this.

as long as you can find the area to insert them there we go but there’s a lot of debris in here I think this car went off-road this clutch was damaged as a result that’s my best guess here is our snap ring that’s been removed it wasn’t damaged it was just covered with so much dirt I couldn’t find the holes now what should happen is I should be able to just pull this right off of here there we go tada here we have our original equipment stator and I’ll show you why I’m not replacing it because you can see see how this one looks let me go grab the other.