Things You Should Do In Domestic Violence Attorney Tucson

I’m a psychotherapist and my specialty is working with the male batterer perpetrators of domestic violence you a pattern domestic violence attorney Tucson of behavior which is meant to control the woman in order to change the sense of self meaning her identity her behavior that the male batter cannot tolerate so basically is a pattern the behavior meant to control the woman.

Through his power and the only way can control anybody through the power is to use a brief abuse the mr. violence starts pretty much slowly and gradually so the woman doesn’t notice it the guy comes on like a whirlwind he’s polite he’s very affectionate but little by little as he gets used to the relationship and as she gives news to him he does subtle things and the example.

Always give his domestic violence starts with the word shut up the guy’s talking to the woman months into the relationship all right I heard you argue you know he passes his days passes I heard you’re already you know just shut up shut up shut up and from there just escalate so it starts with a little attitude verbal abuse and then it escalates to another five forms of abuse which consists of emotional abuse psychological abuse sexual abuse economic abuse and of course physical.

Abuse and where he starts showing frustration more easily and the frustration will lead to some behavior when a woman gets offended hurt but yet she takes it as normal because basically there are too many relationship where offensive words are news or attitudes there’s many reasons why people say men abuse one is to have anger-management problems but if you have an anger management problem that you should have the same following everybody anybody where you came from your environment is a violent or your country was violent is male.

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