Real Reason Behind Domestic Violence Attorney Tucson

It a Tucson domestic violence lawyer case is the victim and who the victim dislike like we mentioned you can have an assault and then you can have a domestic violence assault and the only differences is the the victim that was actually assaulted or alleged to be assaulted what is the difference is how the law treats someone that’s a victim of assault versus someone that is a victim of domestic violence or so sure.

one of the big differences is that we normally see a protection from abuse order entered in a domestic violence case on the outset of the case where you normally don’t have that in a regular assault case what that means is that the court will normally enter an order that put some protections in place immediately for the victim because a lot of the victims and the defendants reliving in the same household and they need that sort of protection put in at that time are we talking about restraining order.

yes we’re talking about typically restraining orders Andaman they vary in their severity depending on the the abuse that’s been alleged and depending upon the type of relationship whether this is a husband wife or just a household type member situation what are some of the crimes that are covered in their domestic violence well typically we used to just see Violent Crimes such as assault harassment menacing those types of those types of crimes but the the new change sin that happened in July of last year.

we saw the legislature begin to call property crimes domestic violence cases which was a huge change you went from situations where you had to alleged violence tour threatened violence in order to be a domestic violence to now you can have a property crime for instance you can have criminal mischief charge if an example of that would be if I broke your window out of your percent or maybe even less of what we see because the law also calls for anyone that’s had child together you don’t have to remarried obviously to have a child so we see people that aren’t married that have children.

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